Burglaries in Menston and Burley


The Parish Council has received the following information from James Preston, the ward manager from WY Police for this area:

The division as a whole is suffering an increase in burglary offences, and this trend is being reflected in recent crime in Burley and Menston. 

Euro profile locks are commonly fitted to UPVC doors. Criminal attacks on these locks account for 20-25% of all burglaries in West Yorkshire. This is often called 'lock snapping'.

In Menston, these have accounted for 45% of attacks over recent weeks, and 65% of the attacks have been on rear doors.

Criminals are also actively targeting newer high end vehicles, in particular Audis but also Mercedes and VW golfs.

Please see the advice in relation to anti-snap locks on the West Yorkshire Police website:


(Apologies: There's a problem with this link at the moment, but the web address is correct.)