Flooding - a novel solution!


Professor David Rhodes CBE, FRS, FR Eng will illustrate, explain and answer questions on his novel solution to Flooding reduction, for which he has submitted a patent application!

All are welcome.

This will be an opportunity for all concerned with FLOODING to hear at first hand some of the solutions.

A new cost-effective technique is proposed for the management of water flow from the upper rainfall catchment areas which has a minimal effect upon water capture into reservoirs whilst increasing the daily baseline flow of water into the rivers. By achieving this objective, when prolonged rainfall events occur, the peak flows both overland and in the rivers will be reduced.

Such a solution will be described with supporting evidence to illustrate why it will achieve the desired objectives.

The presentation will be of interest to environmental technical officers, politicians and the public alike.

This meeting is being held under the auspices of Menston Parish Council.