Defibrillator familiarisation session


Menston Parish Council were approached initially by some members of the Methodist Church who felt that the village (in line with others) should have defibrillation equipment available at a central location in the village.

The Parish Council agreed to the funding for the installation and provision of the necessary infrastructure. You may well have seen it - a distinctive yellow colour! - on the wall of the Methodist Church.

In many respects it is to be hoped that it will never be necessary to use the defibrillator, but it is potentially a life saver and therefore an asset to the village.

A familiarisation session led by Yorkshire Ambulance Service has been arranged for Saturday 18 July from 9 am to 11 am.  This is more a 'drop in' than a formal training session, and will be a good opportunity for anyone in the local community who is interested to have a look and learn how the defibrillator works.

A formal training session could be arranged for a future date if there is enough demand.


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