Reporting dog mess: Let’s clean up Menston!


The anti-social problem of dog mess in Menston sadly seems to be on the increase.

How many of you have had to run the gauntlet of dog poo in the village recently? Main Street, Newfield Avenue, Low Hall Road and the entrances to the park seem to be particularly bad, with irresponsible owners failing to clean up after their dogs. Not only is this a blight on our village but it’s a considerable health risk to people – especially children.

It’s easy to moan, get angry and do nothing, but perhaps together we can do something. Please report any dog mess seen or any incidents of dog fouling to the council. They can take action either directly against those committing the offence or can get the streets cleaned.


(Apologies for the lack of a direct link, but the page apparently does not allow this!) 

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