Menston Neighbourhood Forum


 Menston Neighbourhood Forum

Tuesday 10 March 2015

7.00pm to 9.00pm

Kirklands Community Centre
119 Main Street
LS29 6HT


  1. Welcome and Introductions.
  2. Meet the Neighbourhood Policing Team: Wharfedale Neighbourhood Policing Team will talk about current issues and listen to your concerns and suggestions.
  3. Train Ticket Changes: Northern Rail will explain their revenue protection policy and what that means for Wharfedale train users.
  4. Ellar Ghyll Tip Permits: A senior Bradford Council waste manager will explain the reasons behind recent changes and their effect on Menston residents.
  5. Menston Business Association: Find out more about this group of local businesses and how the village can benefit.
  6. Open Forum: Have your say about your Neighbourhood.

Parish Council Agenda

  1. Development Update.
  2. Update on Other Issues - Time permitting.

Questions on any agenda item will be possible provided we stay within the overall time frame; we expect to finish at 9.30pm.

For further information contact a member of Menston Parish Council. 

Everyone welcome. 

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