WARD Planning meeting


  Wharfedale & Airedale Review Development is hosting a public meeting about planning, housing, infrastructure and localism and the impact on local communities. 

All interested parties are invited to join WARD at the Clarke Foley Centre on Saturday 21st March at 1pm.

Admission is free.  The meeting is being funded by Wharfedale & Airedale Review Development but voluntary contributions to our fighting fund will be welcome on the day.   

The meeting will be attended by at least three local MPs, namely Stuart Andrew MP (Pudsey), Greg Mulholland MP (Leeds North West) and Philip Davies MP (Shipley) and also by a number of local councillors from both Leeds and Bradford.  Other MPs have been invited and we await replies.

Everyone who cares about our area is strongly urged to attend and make their views known to our politicians and councillors.  WARD intends to conduct the meeting on a fairly informal basis but will conclude with a final ‘David Dimbleby’ style Question Time session. 

A full timetable and programme for this event will be available shortly on our website www.WARDyorkshire.org

If further information is required please contact:

Dr Steve Ellams, Special Projects Officer, WARD  s.ellams1@btinternet.com or Mobile:  07950 868379/01943 872607


Dr David Ingham, Chair, WARD
d.ingham147@btinternet.com or Mobile:  07919 685432

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