Blood Donation Session


NHS Blood and Transplant is calling on Menston residents to think about those who are battling cancer when they make their blood donations. Blood and platelets are often crucial in the treatment of cancer patients. Due to either the cancer or the method of treatment, including chemotherapy or radiotherapy, cancer patients can develop anaemia (a reduction in the number of red blood cells in their blood) or have a reduced number of platelets (the clotting cells which prevent bleeding) in their blood. A blood or platelet transfusion can give a patient more energy and improve their quality of life.

A local Blood Donation session is taking place at Kirklands on:

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 Time:13:45 – 15:45 & 16:45 - 19:30

(Sessions will be closed between 15:45 & 16:45)

Donors can attend this session with or without an appointment. There will be a number of walk in appointments on the day but these are limited so therefore donors are advised to book appointments.

To register as new donor, or if you wish to book an appointment please call 0300 123 2323 or alternatively visit


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