Success for MAG!


Councillor Dale Smith said that Judge Stewart had determined there were grounds for a Judicial Review  

 "from the fact that the Defendant erroneously approached the Interested Party's scheme as if it did not involve any excavation of the existing water course (which has the potential to change the overland flows on site) when in fact (and not now disputed) there will be excavation."

The Judicial Review proper will now go ahead at some date in the future.

Councillor Smith went on to say 'First let me place on record once again just how much Menston community is indebted to Professor David Rhodes for his brain, his tenacity and his resources. Without his support and leadership neither Menston Action Group nor any other party could have had the success to date. So far not a house has appeared on either site!'

'One thing is certain, that further action by MAG will need supporting with funds! Donations to the publicised contacts will doubtless be welcomed and can be sent to Menston Action Group at 4 West Winds, Menston LS29 6QD,    Small Print,    3 Albany Row,    39 Hawksworth Drive    or 2 Red House Gardens.'



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