Breakthrough for MAG


Menston Action Group is very pleased to report that they finally made a breakthrough today at the R&A Panel meeting at BMDC.

By a 5 to 1 result, the full planning permission 13/04897/MAF Land at Bingley Road Menston, was rejected by the Panel.

Duncan Reed, author of the recent independent review of Professor David Rhodes' flooding and drainage report, was in attendance and answered questions put by the Panel.

Anne Hawkesworth, Independent Councillor, asked him if he would buy a house on the Bingley Road site. His reply was No.

Councillor Sykes, Conservative, asked if there would be a likelihood of more flooding on and off the site after development. His reply was Yes.

The flooding and drainage team, led by Professor Rhodes and Solicitor Chris Schofield, are to be congratulated for their hard work and perseverance.

The MAG supporters present at City Hall were delighted with the outcome. 

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