Peter the Postmaster


Councillor Dale Smith received the following email from Peter Finlay:


Would you please convey to everyone connected with today's event a huge thank you from the Finlays

We were totally overwhelmed by the whole event from start to finish.

Regards     Peter

As Councillor Smith says:

'I think this email says it all.

On Saturday Menston Primary School KS1 Hall was packed with Peter and Janet's friends and admirers.

Wharfe Brass played magnificently, the short speeches added richness and warmth and the food and drink provided were tasty and more than ample, the Celebration Cake a masterpiece.

We will present a Memory Book with photos unearthed from Peter's past and containing individual goodwill messages from over 200 people. The collection raised just in excess of £1,000.

It was a genuine team effort that makes Menston what it is, so thank you to one and all.' 

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