Menston and Burley Children's Centre Closure


Consultation on the future of Menston and Burley Children's Centre finishes on 17th January. It is proposed that the Centre becomes a mere Outreach Centre, the lowest level of provision for under 5s.

. If this happens, there would be a much reduced level of service, with the nearest Core Centre, providing full delivery of services, being Highfield, in Keighley. Please take the time to make known your views on this proposal.

The consultation document is available online at:

and also directly from the Children's Centre, a 20 page document that you can either return to the Centre or send to a Freepost address.


Save Menston & Burley Children's Centre. Lead petitioner : Gerald A G Barker. Bradford Council is proposing to close Menston & Burley Children’s Centre (whilst keeping other children’s centres in the inner Bradford area open).

We, therefore, strongly oppose the proposed withdrawing of finance for some Children’s Centres within the Bradford Metropolitan District Area by Bradford District Council. Menston and Burley Children’s Centre provides a focal point for parents, babies, young children and carers to get together to play and learn, promote good practice, encourage participation and improve confidence and well being. Its closure will particularly impact upon vulnerable families and those children with identified special needs.

All children in Menston and Burley have just as much right to services as children elsewhere in the Bradford Metropolitan District. This is particularly so of the people in Menston and Burley who are geographically isolated from other areas in Bradford and this closure would provide them with hardship in terms of finance and travelling to attend Children’s Centres in the inner Bradford area, which will continue to be financed by Bradford Council.

Also, this is the only service, other than Health provision, that families in Menston and Burley receive from Bradford. Please support us and click here to sign the e-petition.

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