Contact the elderly


Sunday is the loneliest day of the week for those elderly people who are unable to get out without a helping hand, and so miss the social contacts they had once had. We form small groups for monthly Sunday tea parties in a lively family environment, bringing laughter, conversation and friendship back into their lives. Thus, uniquely, our older guests keep in touch with life, being welcomed into the home of a different local host each month. There are over 500 groups nationally including 37 in Yorkshire. Please help us to change lives, and enhance your own. Volunteers needed are: Drivers - Just once a month - less on reserve or on rota. Drivers, in their own car, each collect 1 or 2 older guests, and take them to the tea party. They all join in, help as needed, and then return safely home again. Everyone finds it interesting and useful. Hosts - Just once a year - some like to do it twice. Hosts welcome the same group of around 6-8 older guests, and their 3-4 drivers, to their home for Sunday afternoon tea. These friendship groups make a real difference to peoples’ lives - everyone involved enjoys the experience. An older guest said recently, “once you are old you become a nobody, but Contact has changed all that, being taken by my lovely driver and welcomed into someone’s home has given me back my self esteem, and something to look forward to every month”. Mary Robinson, Executive Officer, North and Midlands. T: 01535-632592 1 Hall Gardens, Kildwick, N Yorkshire BD20 9AF E:

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