Kirklands Community Centre

Having played a crucial role again in supporting the community during lockdown, Kirklands is open again as a Covid-19 Secure location with special conditions of hire in place.  If you are interested in booking a room at Kirklands please call 01943 874335 or email Heather, the Centre Manager, at .

During lockdown Kirklands acted as a Help Line for Menston residents. Follow this link to see the artwork collage created during this period:   /Menston/UserFiles/Files/Coronavirus Artwork Collage.pdf


Kirklands Trust

Kirklands is now a charitable trust. The trustees issued a statement after the launch event on 26th April 2018, giving a mission statement, future aims and a plan of action. 

The statement may be read here. 

Following our advertisement in September 2020's Menston News and on this web page, there is now a full complement of Kirklands’ Trustees.

The current trustees are as follows:

Mark Aldred           Naomi McMorn

Ed Brundle            Dale Smith

Nicola Dunn          Tessa Tye

Peter Finlay           Cheryl Thornton

Jonathan Gadd      Francis Ugboma

Paul Griffin            Richard Wightman


The trustees meet on a monthly basis, usually the second Thursday of the month.  Although meetings are not open to the public, there is always an agenda item for Issues Raised by Local Residents, coordinated by Heather, the centre manager.