Derry Hill & Bingley Road

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Menston Parish Council has now lodged a letter of complaint about the procedure of the Regulatory and Appeals Committee on 25th June together with a technical report and photograph. These documents are available to view below

 Letter of complaint from Menston Parish Council to Bradford Council

Technical report

Photograph of Moor Lane 


Regulatory and Appeals Committee meeting

The two planning applications for Derry Hill (47 houses with access from Derry Hill and 114 houses with access from Moor Lane, reference 19/02790/MAF and 19/04546/MAF) are to be discussed at the next meeting of the Bradford District Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee to be held on 25 June 2020 at 10.00AM


A  webcast of the meeting will be available to view live on the Council’s website at and later as a recording.


Any written representations that the public may wish to make at the planning meeting should be made in writing to the governance officer 48 hours in advance by email to the following: ; ;


or queries about the application itself to the senior planning officer:

All representations and consultation responses received in relation to these

applications are available to view on the Council’s online planning system at by clicking on “View Planning Applications” and entering the reference numbers.




The Parish Council's objection to the Moor Lane and Derry Hill applications are available to view below - this document has been split into the following sections:

Summary and Introduction 

Appendix 1.1

Appendix 1.2

Appendix 2.1

Appendix 2.2

Appendix 2.3 (will open as a zipped folder)

Appendix 2.4 

Appendix 2.5

Appendix 3.1

Appendix 3.2

Appendix 4


Update on Derry Hill planning application 19/02790/MAF - Residential development of 47 homes with access from Derry Hill, Menston - Land west of Derry Hill, Menston. More details are available from Bradford Council's Planning website here


Update on the Bingley Road planning application 17/04591MAF:


May 2019: Menston Parish Council has appointed Schofield Sweeney Solicitors to act on their behalf in drafting correspondence to Bradford Council's Drainage Department about the problems with site drainage for this planning application. Copies of the letters to date are available here.

New planning proposals for Bingley Road

March 2018:


The Parish Council, together with our local Councillors, MP and the MCA has submitted an objection to the proposed Bingley site development. This can be viewed here. 


The consultation on the new planning proposals for the Bingley Road site is on Thursday 15 June 2017 from 3.30-7pm at Kirklands.

The Johnson Mowat consultation website has now gone ‘live’ and currently includes a copy of the leaflet and an electronic feedback form. Following the exhibition event on the 15th June copies of all the exhibition material will also be available on the website to view.

There will be an opportunity at the exhibition to provide written feedback however comments can also be submitted to Johnson Mowat by post, email or through the online feedback form following the consultation event.


Below you can access the consultation leaflet and site notice provided by the developer, and also 4 fact sheets regarding the site, provided by the MCA.




Consultation leaflet

Site notice



Fact sheet 1 

Fact sheet 2 

Fact sheet 3 

Fact sheet 4 


You can read the Executive Summary of the independent report on Menston's flooding problems, produced in 2015 for Menston Action Group, here.