The Peace Beds
The two beds by the entrance to the library are about to be replanted with a predominantly white planting scheme. Inspired by ‘Peace’, roses, anemones and agapanthus, along with snowdrops and tulips will provide flowers for many months.
The roses have already been planted, and we are grateful to a few generous individuals who have donated to MIB to pay for some of the plants.
Please contact MIB at or message me via our Facebook page.

Dogwood wanted!

Do you have either Golden Twig Dogwood (Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’) or Black Stem Dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Kesselringii’) growing in your garden? When you cut these shrubs back this spring, MIB would love to have a few stems to propagate for The Railway Garden.
We already have the red (Sibirica) and the orange (Midwinter Fire).
If you can help, please contact MIB at or on Facebook

For further information, please email Gemma at or visit our Facebook Page - Menston In Bloom.

Work session dates and locations Spring 2018

Thursday 22nd March - Railway Garden - cut back dogwood, tidy boxes, split Carex ‘Everest’ (for Peace Beds)
Thursday 29th March - Plant up Peace Beds
Thursday 5th April - Children's centre bed prep
Saturday 7th April - Butterfield Park - roses, wires, general tidy
Thursday 12th April - Stocks Hill & planters tidy, spray old poppy bed (weather permitting)
Thursday 19th April - Dry beds/Grady bed
Thursday 26th April - Children’s centre beds - sow seed mix
Saturday 28th April - Barn Close - clear, soil prep, lay membrane
Thursday 3rd May - General maintenance tbc
Thursday 10th May - Tbc
Saturday 12th May - Poppy Beds in the Park - create new bed, prep old bed, sow seed in both

All sessions start at 9.30am.
Meet at the proposed work session site.

May be subject to change due to weather...

Reminders will be sent out via email and posted on the MIB Facebook page.

For more info contact Gemma at

Chairwoman's Review 2016/17
My first year as Chairwoman has been a productive one, and also a fun one. We have had a busy year during which we have welcomed new members to MIB, which should help to maintain MIB as a strong and thriving group. As last year (15/16), we decided not to enter Yorkshire In Bloom as it was felt not only that there still work to do in key areas, but that we did not ‘need’ the deadlines in order to maintain our work schedule.

Horticultural Achievement
We continue planted more bulbs throughout the village, planting over 2000 bulbs in the park, in the wildflower bed and also in the gyratory.
We have begun the task of tackling railway garden, using a specific weedkiller to try and get on top of the Marestail. We shall see if that has been successful next year. On a positive note, the hydrangeas have looked particularly good this year.
At Barn Close, we are making significant changes. The old, overgrown shrubs have been removed in readiness for replanting in a new Japanese inspired design. By using a horticultural membrane, this area should be much more low maintenance, as well as being beautiful.
At the Stocks Hill bed, planting has been boosted with more purple and gold perennials, including echinacea, verbena and Crocosmia.
The planters at Kirklands, the Co-op and at St. Peter's Way have looked particularly good this year, both in spring and in summer, with plenty of positive comments from residents.
New this year was a bed full of poppies. Positioned prominently in the park, they have created a lovely display and again, lots of positive comments have been forthcoming from villagers. We plan to sow the same mix again next year, in commemoration of the end of the 1st World War.

Environmental Responsibility
The planters at Kirklands were watered on a regular basis over the summer, using both the water butt and the fire hydrant in Kirklands (thank you Vicky). This helped produce and sustain a lovely display. Thanks to all those who came along.
Another Red Oak was planted in the park to replace the one that failed.
The wildflower meadow and the gyratory were both strimmed.

Community Involvement
In spring, we were invited to create a display in the Co-op to promote not only MIB but also their community fund. MIB and MCA have now received 3 allocations of money, which is being used to make and place bird boxes in the school grounds and will help fund the changes to Barn Close. In addition, we talked to lots of people and gained new active members as well as potential future funding. Thanks to all those who gave up time to chat!
A stunning floral bicycle was created and displayed prominently in the Railway garden for the Tour de Yorkshire in April. Thanks to Sandra, Rosemary, Sue, Quentin and the rest of the team for the all the hard work that went into such a wonderful piece of art!
The Scouts once again helped plant the bulbs in the park, making short work of over 2000 bulbs on a cold November morning.
The Explorer Scouts made a big impression on Barn Close, helping to remove the overgrown shrubs in preparation for replanting.
The Annual Strawberry Tea and Plant Sale was a great success, despite the torrential downpour minutes before it opened! We raised over £800. Thanks to Jo & Mike for the use of their delightful garden.
MIB contribute to the Community newsletter, which is distributed to all residents 3 times a year, and also keep the Parish Council website,, up to date with the groups activities.
The Menston In Bloom Facebook page is also kept up to date, with news of workparties and campaigns. Through these various means, we have recruited new members, lots of support, and funding.
The Great Menston Bulb Plant scheme has already been successful, with people donation bulbs and leaving them in the newly reopened, community managed library.
Elsewhere in the village, the churches continue to maintain their grounds to a high standard and the High Royds Memorial Garden continues to develop well.
Of particular note was the beautiful flower festival at St Johns Church - a credit to all those who took part.

Another successful year for MIB. It hasn't all been hard work, with a Christmas get together and a summer BBQ (thanks Rosemary &Quentin). With plenty of plans for the future, I look forward to another year, challenges and all! 

contact MIB at , find us on Facebook
if you would like more information, or would like to come and help us!

Thank you!