Plans for New Airport Terminal by 2023 and related implications

The expansion plans for Leeds Bradford Airport, which would support an increase in passengers from 4 to 7 million people a year by 2030 with increased night time flights, were given conditional approval by Leeds City Council in February 2021.  This was despite widespread opposition from local MPs, residents and environmental groups. 

Supporters of the project say the airport expansion would boost the local economy by hundreds of millions of pounds and support thousands on new jobs.  However, according to the New Economics Foundation there would be little, if any, economic benefit as the expansion would actually be a drain on the economy due to the likely impact of more people holidaying abroad.

A spokesperson for the Department for Local Communities and Government has confirmed that the application will be referred to the Secretary of State because of the scale of the proposed development and its green belt location. In the meantime the Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA – see link below) is intending to launch further legal action in the fight against climate breakdown, in the absence of any leadership on this issue from central government .

Added 28.2.21


 Jan 2021 - Leeds City Council has notified a change to the planning application and have added an Environmental Technical Note dated 21 December 2020 which you can view via the public access link given below. This deals with the anticipated noise implications of the proposed increased summer schedule comprising 20 operations occurring between the hours of 2300 to 0700.

Please also follow this link to see a document previously prepared by Alan Elsegood following discussion at MCA's meetings in 2019 which provides valuable background to this issue:  link 

 Further information on how to make your views known can be found on the GALBA website (Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport):    here

Menston Parish Council has prepared a letter of objection to the development plans, based on the implications for the increased number of flights, the proposal to extend the "daytime" flying hours, the related increase in noise which will be experienced by Menston (and Burley) residents, and the significant increase in carbon emissions from some 30,000 extra flights each year if and when this plan reaches its maturity. There would also be increased carbon emissions and more traffic if 3 million more passengers are travelling to and from LBA every year. Both aircraft noise and carbon release have adverse effects on mental and physical health which the Parish Council would not wish to see inflicted upon residents of Menston or other communities.

 The plan, reference number 20/02559/FU, can be viewed via the following link:

or (hopefully!) directly by clicking on this link


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