About our village


Menston is situated within the picturesque valley of the River Wharfe and is approximately 9.6km to the northeast of Bradford city centre and 16km to the northwest of Leeds.   The main A65 links Menston to Leeds and Ilkley by road and runs along the eastern boundary of the village. A train service offers direct routes to Leeds, Bradford, Ilkley and smaller local stations.

Historically, Menston was one of a number of farming communities that settled and developed along the length of the Wharfe valley and along with Ilkley, Otley and Burley-in-Wharfedale formed part of the ancient Wapentake of Skyrack.

Today, Menston is a thriving village community with excellent local facilities and exceptional transport links into the important business and cultural centre that is modern day Leeds.


Local economy

There are currently 20+ retail outlets spread throughout the village, covering most of the day to day needs of the residents, the most used being the recently refurbished Co-op shop on Main Street.

These businesses, which are generally family owned, often employ a small number of part time assistants. There are also a large number of small self employed traders, usually working from home, providing services from house and garden maintenance to car repairs and looking after dogs, cats and horses.

Approximately 400 more people find employment in the village in the caring services, for example the schools, nurseries and old people homes. The only other noteworthy employers in the village are the five Public Houses, Parmley Graham Ltd at Lane Ends, the Clayax stone merchants on Derry Hill and the garage on Bradford Road. There are still a number of farms locally but they are not usually a source of employment within the village.